Direct to garment hybrid printing

Screen+digital integrated printer

Application scope:

T-shirts,cut-pieces,garments,pants,shirts and bags etc.


Textalk digital printing machine is combined with the traditional oval screen printing machine to achieve both the process of traditional screen printing effects and digital ink injection with high precision, non-plate making, bright colors, and diversified performance to meet the demands of garment and cut-pieces printing.

It is a collection that achieving all advantages of that traditional printing process and modern digital printing process.


1.Traditional printing +CMYKGR digital printing, combination of screen&digital

2.Prodction efficiency can reach 660pcs per hour,max printing size is 900mm*900mm

3.Printing resolution up to 635*1800dpi and above

4.Quick response to the fast-fashion market

5.Bright and multiple color with minimum screens and processes

6.Stable ink applications for various fabrics

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