Textalk new printing machines attracted many visitors in the TSCI exhibition

During the Guangzhou TSCI exhibition,Textalk displayed 5 sets of digital printing machines totally.

One set of DTG machine with advanced online pretreatment devices was obviously the star product in the show.Very cute structure,digital white ink+digital CMKY ink come from same printer.Looking very impressive without any screens.The most important thing is that the lower print cost for Tshirt/cut-pieces and long life-span machine,which become the best choice for most printed factories.

Textalk also displayed a new textile sublimation printer model with 16 Kyocera print heads.High speed printing and industrial 24-hour production. The advanced inner circulation system can save more electricity for our customers during the working.And the DOD inkjection can save the inks during the printing.

Except the direct to garment printing machine,we also have the direct to fabric printer, woodgrained paper printer and a high speed DTF press in the show.Textalk is more and more  popular in recent years because we are constantly innovating and making progress, exploring new models and solutions in textile printing, saving costs for our customers, and improving social environmental protection. Multi-faceted development to meet the different needs of customers, welcome customers who are interested in cooperation to contact us.

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